December 9, 2023

Two Powerful Paths to Immunity Against Negative Thoughts

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In the previous post, I wrote about a method that has allowed me to view pain differently.

And now that I understand it, there is less of it because its purpose is less necessary.

However, negative thoughts still arise occasionally, making me very tired.

So, I tried to transform these negative thoughts in the same way I did with physical pain.

And it works.

These are two ways to ease your mind and eliminate negative thoughts:

First way

You can read about how pain arises and better understand it in this text HERE.

Pain is more of a friend than an enemy.

You don’t need to eliminate it; you need to transform it.

Follow these steps, and you’ll feel instant relief:

Step 1: In the moment negative thoughts arise, calm your body and take a few deep breaths as quickly as you can.
Step 2: Imagine a golden energy ball in your head, then place all your worries and everything that causes you mental pain into it.
Step 3: After that, imagine entering the center of that golden ball and start feeling love.
Step 4: Slowly intensify that feeling of love until the negative thoughts calm down and completely transform.

After this method, you’ll feel immense relief and regain control over your thoughts.

Also, a transformation of many problems causing those negative thoughts will occur.

Second way

Method: Spiritual Hat

This method doesn’t transform but eliminates negative thoughts and mental pain.

The first way is more effective, but the second way is faster.

Imagine a hat on your head and place all negative thoughts under it in moments of overwhelming thoughts or stress.

Then, take it off and throw it high into the void.

This method will reset your mind, ease your thoughts, and attract solutions to problems.


Use your negative thoughts as a guide to things that need solving, and use these methods as tools to address those problems.

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