December 2, 2023

A Simple Method of Turning Stress and Pain into a Cure

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The venom of a deadly snake can become a remedy, and stress and pain can heal your life.

Here’s how this process works.

Hormone of Happiness

Let’s start with serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

This hormone is responsible for our mood and transmits signals in the body through the nervous system.

If our attitude is negative while things around us improve, serotonin helps us understand that and break out of the cycle of negative or depressive thoughts.

On the other hand, if things are getting worse, serotonin will worsen our mood to help us perceive the situation as bad.

Then, this hormone affects body temperature and creates a sense of pain or stress.

The purpose of this feeling is to point out the problem.

So, stress or pain is reflected as the body’s separated energy, indicating a segment that needs to be resolved.

It’s like an SOS signal.

Stress and Pain as a Cure

When I was a child, there were a few situations when my mother hit me.

But it was a different kind of hit. A hit that doesn’t hurt.

Even then, I understood that behind it was maternal love and good intentions.

And just one hug was enough to awaken that spark of love, and everything was forgotten.

Similarly, in stress or pain, there is a spark of serotonin.

And when you locate the happiness hormone in the energy of pain with the emotion of love, that pain slowly subsides, and serotonin begins to change reality. It begins to heal.

When you accept the pain and seek that point of love within it, it becomes your strength.

You’ve heard thousands of stories where people summoned superhuman strength in the most challenging moments. Stories where love healed or pain inspired.

These people managed to see and focus on the small spark of serotonin in the darkness surrounding them.

My Method

  1. In a moment of pain or stress, calm the body
  2. Don’t escape from pain; focus on it
  3. Keep going until you isolate the emotion of love. Send love to it.
  4. When I find the spark of serotonin, I keep the focus on it until the pain stops or begins to decrease.

Impact of the Method on Other Segments of Life

When love, through the happiness hormone, returns to the part of the brain that sends stress or pain signals, it stops doing that because it begins to increase the level of serotonin.

Then, the brain feeds the body and beliefs with information that confirms our happiness.

Happiness continues to release serotonin, and the body heals.

This method treats the problem and pushes us toward what makes us better as we become more resistant to negative thoughts and surroundings.


Accept every part of yourself, even your stress or pain, because your role is not to run away but to transform, become stronger, more resilient, and happier.

Be in love, and use every opportunity as fertile ground for your happiness.

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