November 18, 2023

Why Being Present Matters and How to Use It

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You’ve probably heard at least a hundred times that it’s important to be present, but what does that mean, and how to use that presence to sharpen focus and awaken wisdom, learn here:

Why does being present matter, and how to use it?

Imagine yourself riding a motorcycle on an open road.

At that moment, you can choose between two scenarios.

In the first, you veer off the road, and in the second, you reach your destination.

But whichever scenario you choose, if you are not present, it’s like you didn’t ride that motorcycle at all.

Then memories quickly fade, the choice of your journey loses its meaning, and you become a small dot that flies by almost unnoticed.

But what will give meaning to everything is at least one present moment that will provide a new experience to that ride.

Benefits of being present:

  • You will gain strength for actions throughout the day.
  • You will have the impression that life lasts longer.
  • It will allow you to change old beliefs and acquire new knowledge.
  • It will relax your body and mind.


And now that you know the importance of being present, you can activate that moment whenever you want and enjoy the journey of even a few steps.

Here's how to be present:

You’ve probably heard stories of people who have experienced clinical death.

And one thing is common in all these stories.

They visited a timeless space where you can see everything at once, and all knowledge is suddenly available.

Being present in the moment is the closest to that feeling.

It is the gateway between you and wisdom, intuition, and the void ready to be filled with new knowledge.

This is one way to reach that level of awareness:

Step 1 - State of Thoughtlessness

I often hear how someone was speechless in front of something magnificent.

But the truth is, they were without thoughts and absorbed all the beauty through the senses because they didn’t have time for a conclusion.

Actually, the emotion was faster than thinking.

And you can reach that state at any moment with clear and deep focus.

All you need is to find a point in front of you and persistently look at it.

Of course, thoughts will constantly distract you, but as long as you return to that point, you control your mind.

And by doing it long enough, the mind will give up, and then magic happens.

You will start to float through the moment.

And that will become a bridge between you and what people call paradise.

Step 2 - Imagine the Desire

When you immerse yourself in that state, use the energy of that presence because it is more powerful than you can imagine.

So, in a moment of peace, imagine a golden energy ball in the heart area made of the emotions of that moment.

Then, fill it with your greatest desires and allow it to exit your chest and convey a message to the cosmos.

Feel it, and actions following your wishes will appear in your life.

Summing up

Don’t take life and all its present moments for granted; instead, see it as an opportunity to get what you deserve and become the best version of yourself.

Stay in love.

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