November 25, 2023

My Super Power Mantra That Works Every Single Time

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Let’s start with a short story.

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a boy who was very sick.

Every doctor in the vicinity tried to help in every possible way but to no avail.

One day, an old mystic arrived in the village. When people found out, they immediately asked him to help the boy.

And he agreed.

He approached the boy, placed his palm on his chest, and uttered many beautiful words.

Then he gently stroked his head and said,

You will be fine.

At that moment, one of the villagers began to grumble,

All the doctors did their best, and nothing. Why would a few words help the boy now?

The mystic turned to that man and said,

You’re a fool because you don’t believe.

The villager jumped up and started yelling in anger.

And the mystic continued,

If a few harsh words stirred such anger in you, why wouldn’t a few kind words heal the boy?

That is exactly what a mantra is: A collection of powerful words that can heal your life.

Mantra as a bloodstream

The function of blood is to carry nutrients and oxygen through our body, nourishing every part of it.

The function of a mantra is to carry powerful affirmations and elevate every aspect of our lives.

Just as blood pumps the muscle called the heart, emotion drives the mantra.

Without emotion, the mantra would be useless, like our blood without a heart.

Then, there are other organs in the body with different functions, and blood reaches all of them, supporting their function, vitality, and development.

While the organs of our lives are: relationships with our being and environment, nutrition, physical activity, career, family, etc.

This leads to the conclusion that the function of a mantra is not to speak powerful words and do nothing but to nourish different segments of life with it, enabling life development, vitality, and making every activity easier.

So, using mantras from time to time throughout the day allows energy to flow through our everyday lives.

How do I do it?

There are two ways you can use a mantra.

The first is to create a mantra for each part of life separately: for health, work, family, etc.

The second way is to have one mantra and let it evoke positive emotions that you will later carry through everything you do.

A mantra is a personal thing, and with the help of wisdom, everyone should create their own sequence of words and emotions.

Because not everyone experiences every word in the same way, even if there is a general meaning for them.

This is my mantra. (In my native language, each part of the mantra rhymes, something like short poetry.)


The universe is one,
My strength is in its size.

Love is one,
I enjoy its silence.

Wisdom is one,
I always carry it within.

I am worth gold,
I transmit golden values to others.


The universe is one,
My strength is in its size.

It gives me a sense of belonging and the strength I possess at every moment.

Love is one,
I enjoy its silence.

Amidst my hectic everyday life, it brings my focus back to beautiful emotions, the beauty of communication, and expressing love for everyone and everything.

Wisdom is one,
I always carry it within.

It connects me to wisdom, and I use it as a creative force for my development, progress, and understanding.

I am worth gold,
I transmit golden values to others.

Every time, it reminds me of my purpose and mission to use my talents every day to inspire others to contribute to humanity. It also relates to material wealth.


This is the word I use to move the body’s energy and more easily feel the emotions created by the mantra.

Instructions for using the mantra.

  1. You can use the mantra in silence or with relaxing music.
  2. Find a comfortable position.
  3. Feel the joy as you chant the words of the mantra.
  4. Expect nothing, be in the moment, and feel every word.
  5. Try to elongate each word at the end of the verse and let it vibrate through your body. Example: Love is onnnneeeeeee.
  6. Use the mantra several times during the day.
  7. If you no longer feel emotions in the existing mantra, change it.


Energy moves the world, and your mantra will awaken alchemy and create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Be in love and enjoy your powerful mantra words.

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