October 23, 2023

This is the power of your purpose

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What if I told you that your, mine, and the purpose of all people are the same? We exist for a single goal. 

Our existence is the evolution of God, and we live a purpose when we follow that path.

Let me explain.

Follow the path of love

For me, God is the universe, and the universe is love.

That love is not limited to me only, but is equal to all of us.

Love is a network of feelings such as empathy, joy, gratitude, inspiration, faith, … and that is exactly what connects us.

And so, as long as you are part of that network, you are part of the purpose.

Your role

Like in a movie, you have your role. Different than others, but we all contribute to one story.

That role is your talent.

That talent was designed to make the whole process of evolution of the universe as simple as possible.

That’s why it gave you specific skills that slide through you easier than with others. And that’s what defines your role.

Therefore, as you can see, the real question is not your purpose but how to try as many things as possible to identify your talent.

So, try to feel good because that will help you to find the right role for your purpose. You will be close to love.

First step

Use your talent to inspire, build faith in people, awaken empathy, and that’s when growth happens.

Then, you become an essential part of the evolution of the universe. Then, you are the beloved child of God. Then, you are in alignment with your essence.

In my case, it’s art. And this text is my purpose, realized through the ease of writing and expressing the language of my heart.

It grows constantly

If you want to be sure your contribution is strong, it must last.

Just like a tree, growth should be small, but every day, for years.

And always remember that you won’t get the fruits right away, but once they start, they will continue as long as you choose your purpose again, every day.

We are on this journey together.
Lets love always be with you.

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