October 28, 2023

3 Steps To Feel Like a Buddha

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You are loved and deserve all the peace in the world.

So, don’t let wrong thoughts swallow you and feel unnecessary mental pain.

Everything you need is to follow these three steps, and you will learn to feel like a Buddha.

Step 1 - Move

Life is moving, and so you have to move too.

Because everything that stands still becomes the past and slowly fades away with the past.

Now, imagine the planet is a big flow of energy.

And material things are just the armor of that energy.

That is why a leaf that falls on the ground slowly merges into the earth.

It becomes the past without the energy flow.

It is the same with your body. Your movement sustains your life energy.

And that’s exactly what you need for a sense of peace, well-being, and love.

This process doesn’t have to be complicated. I maintain my life energy through workouts, and sometimes, a walk is enough.

When I feel a slight fatigue, I know I have followed the rhythm of life.

I also know I will be healthy as long as I walk. My time hasn’t come yet.

That is why this will be your first step. Move.

Step 2 - Feel

When you feel there was enough movement, simply stop.
I use that very mild fatigue to feel my body.

That is why, as soon as I find a peaceful and comfortable place, I completely calm my body and then I can feel the energy flowing through me. 

The whole time I am focused on the flow of air through my body as I breathe.

And then I just am, and I feel.

Even if some thoughts come, I simply return my focus to my calm body.

This process won’t be difficult because you will not only tire your body, but also your thoughts through physical activity.

And in the end, when you become aware of your body and feel the flow of gentle joy through it, you can make the third step.

Step 3 - Connection

Enjoying the flow of your body, you enjoy the flow of the universe.

That means you are connected and ready to dive into the endless wisdom.

And just then, guided by wisdom, you can use affirmations, mantras, or just silence to feel peace.

I never start writing until I bring my mind and body to a state of complete peacefulness.

Because that’s when the magic happens.

New words slide on the paper with such ease that I myself sometimes think that the text isn’t mine, that I’m only writing down what the universe is dictating.

It doesn’t have to be only writing.

You can use the peace to find the answers to everything that bothers you, to see the path you need to take, or you just simply feel like a Buddha.

Summing it up.

Step 1 – Move your body
Step 2 – Find peace and feel your body
Step 3 – Use the peace to feel love, instill new beliefs and get answers

After this process, you will know you are not alone and how much you are really worth. Be at peace, feel the joy and receive the love I am sending you.

p.s. Don’t do this once and stop. Be like a tree, every day a little but long. That’s how you’ll feel real growth.

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