November 11, 2023

2 Important Ways of Communication

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Your whole life is based on communication.

It is communication with oneself, the environment, a partner, or one’s own wisdom.

That’s why communication skills broadly define all your relationships, including your life.

And these two ways of communication will help you live in peace, be surrounded by happy people, and get what you want from the universe.

The first way: Communicating with questions

A communication problem does not create dishonesty or arguments. These are just some of the consequences.

The real problem arises when you have your own truth and try to convince the other side that it is the only truth.

This is exactly where the conflict arises!

Because every thought is true, if the one who carries it believes in it, no matter how wrong it seems to others, then both sides struggle to prove their truth.

But unfortunately, one’s truth, or belief, can be bad for the environment and other people.

Truth is not created by thoughts but by emotions, and thoughts only define it and make a belief out of that emotion.

Therefore, if someone with bad beliefs follows his thoughts and not his emotions, he can start believing in things beyond harmony, love, and good relationships. And for that person to be completely aligned with their decisions based on such beliefs.

So, how do you deal with such people?

Since a person with a bad influence on you or the environment often believes in what he is doing, it is impossible to achieve any result by presenting arguments, criticism, or your version of truth.

That’s why you need to find a way to that person’s emotions and help him change his belief from the inside.

But not by providing him with a solution, only by leading him to where he will find new positive beliefs himself.

It is these guidelines that are the questions.

Questions that lead to answers by following positive emotions.


Example 1

I did everything right, and you didn’t.

Replace with:

Would you feel better now if you gave a little more of yourself?

Example 2

It’s not true. I don’t think so.

Replace with:

Can you believe that we see some things differently, even if we have the same goal? Even if we want to be good to each other? Why don’t we focus on that goal?

From the example, we can conclude that:

  • Questions lower the tension in communication.
  • Questions bring solutions
  • Questions make the person who asks feel better
  • Questions like this put everyone on the same team.



Every communication doesn’t need to be successful. Sometimes, success is when we stop some communication.

That’s why always follow wisdom, giving you the truth through emotion.

Way two: Emotional energy connection

This way is different because it goes beyond the mind and relies on pure emotion and imagination.

In fact, it relies on our essence, which is the energy of emotion and visualization.

The trick is to connect with the interlocutor non-verbally and awaken his positive emotions.

This method is very effective and perfectly suits when you don’t have time for questions.

This is how I do it:

Step 1 – Visualize a golden ball of energy in my chest

Step 2 – I imagine a second golden energy ball in the interlocutor’s chest

Step 3 – I connect to that person energetically through those two golden balls and send love, sending a message through emotion that we are one and have the same mission to be in harmony.

As you can see, this way of communication is quite alternative, but the results are beyond what the mind can reach.

And with this type of communication, you go beyond the mind, and after some practice, your communication does not have to be only with people.


The mission of every human being is to build and not to destroy.

And by using a positive way of communication, you contribute to the vision of all humanity.

And you and I, will connect again through another text. Until then, stay calm and have fun.

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