November 4, 2023

How Manifestation Changes Destiny

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Warning: This text will be awkward.

I believe that the best time for meditation is at night, in total isolation from all the external influences.

It is usually a time from 3am to 6am, and this time I started meditating at 5am.

To cut the long story short, somewhere at the beginning of meditation, my whole body shivered, and a plastic object on a table next to me started swinging.

At that moment, I checked if everybody was sleeping, although I didn’t have to, and I knew right away that it was the presence of a different energy.

I wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, I felt gratitude for I got physical confirmation of what I had already known.

Then I took a few minutes to enjoy the rippling of energy through my body, and then I took a paper and a pen because I wanted to create guided by the energy.

These are the words that came out of me:

The night can be brighter than the day because the light shines in the night.

While dark things are barely visible, there is essence and space.

Everything you hear or see won’t be remembered unless you feel it.

And when people sharpen their sense of feeling, they will have total control over the material matter.

You don’t change anything by looking at things, but by changing the energy field around a thing, it can be changed. It is done using the body, not the mind.

Then, I wanted to get a concrete exercise for it.


Start to feel your body and then start vibrating it to the point of creating goosebumps.

And when you succeed in it, your body will vibrate with the energy controlled by your emotions.

Then, connect to the current situation (Point A). After that, feel a strong emotion and direct it towards what you want to achieve in the future (Point B).

In other words, transform a moment of energy charge into an emotion of accomplished and then move it from the present moment to the future.

In this way you will create a path for this situation and determine the faith for the further course of events.

The stronger the emotion, the more likely it is to manifest itself.

Do not imagine the process because that’s imagination; bring the energy of your body to the level of it already being achieved, and when you imagine it, you will feel that there is no need for it because you already have it in your energy.

My conclusion

Emotions create,  thoughts copy.

Man is given strong emotions and creative energy that can take him to the alchemist level.

And when we learn to control emotions, we will rule our world.

And it’s strange, because by applying this exercise, I got the impression that the solution always happens before the problem. I feel like I’m jumping from one reality to the other.

It seems to me that material things are stuck and we can get out of that time and transform material matter by focusing on emotion in time.

I don’t know what exactly happened, and it doesn’t matter to me because it’s on the mind level. What matters to me is that I have only scratched the surface and that I’m yet to learn much in this or some other time and space. 🙂

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