December 23, 2023

7 Daily Routines to Help You Conquer the Day

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Life is always full of different paths, and by constantly shifting from one to another, we often get lost and drift away from where we want to be.

That’s why it’s very useful to have a daily routine to maintain spiritual peace, discipline, and achieve set goals.

My daily routine is not limited by specific hours and times; instead, it is divided into 7 blocks that I schedule throughout the day.

But it’s crucial to check off each block at the end of the day.

At that point, I consider that I have successfully completed my daily routine.

The day is unpredictable, and this kind of flexibility gives me the opportunity to adapt to any unforeseen situation.

These are my 7 blocks of daily routine:

Daily Routine 1 - Meditation / Intuition

It is essential for me to start the day with deep breathing, mantra, and a conversation with intuition.

This is a way to steer the entire day and then soar into it.

Sometimes I repeat this process several times during the day, especially when the moment becomes challenging.

It’s a balance.

If you have a lot of positivity within you, you have a greater capacity to handle the negative.

Daily Routine 2 - Childlike Curiosity

A certain part of the day is reserved for exploration.

The brain is curious and eager to learn, and it’s my job to provide that.

But on the condition that this process is controlled, in line with positive emotions, and in the service of personal development.

Often, this curiosity extends from insights gained during meditation.

I perceive curiosity as the wings of my daily routine.

Daily Routine 3 - Movement

Wherever I want to go, the only vehicle I have is my body.

That’s why movement is important.

It maintains the vitality of the body, supports my spirit, and certain movements increase my confidence, strength, and endurance.

It’s a combination of martial arts (dance for women), brisk walking, and weightlifting.

Movement should always be an integral part of the daily routine.

Daily Routine 4 - Planting the Seed of Love in Everything

If love has the power to move the world, why not start our day with it and include it in our daily routine?

When it’s tough, I always try to find the seed of love in that situation and transform the difficult situation into fuel that propels me forward instead of holding me back.

Love gives everything lightness and creates flow.

In addition to being aware of love in difficult situations, part of my daily routine is to express love to someone at least once a day.

Daily Routine 5 - Sharing with Others

In life, everyone needs at least one business plan.

That is, to share your success, lesson, and acquired knowledge with others at least once every day.

This is in perfect harmony with our purpose, making the world better by making ourselves better.

So, this daily routine gives me a sense of purpose and deep fulfillment.

Daily Routine 6 - Dreaming

Like a pirate has a map with gold that excites him, I have a vision and imagination.

A very necessary part of my daily routine.

For at least 10 minutes a day, I visualize the world from my perspective and focus on strong emotions of inner satisfaction.

Sometimes they are so strong that the world we live in seems fake, and the world of imagination seems real.

Over time, the real world begins to resemble the world of imagination if the emotion is strong and constant.

Yep, the law of attraction.

Daily Routine 7 - Gratitude

Every day, I express gratitude for everything that fills my heart and makes me happy.

It literally works, but when you incorporate this habit into your daily routine, you’ll realize how powerful it actually is.

For this part, I will dedicate a separate text because this daily routine is more powerful than you can imagine.


Thanks to these 7 daily routines, I feel that my life is at a completely new and higher level.

But there are more levels, so my daily routines will probably change and improve.

I’ll be here to share them with you. Until then, enjoy your thoughts and find a way to conquer the day.

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